Why choose York Humber?


►YHHS curriculum is designed primarily for students working towards the high school destination pathway leading to the WORLD-OF-WORK.
Courses are offered at the Locally Developed, Workplace and Open levels.
►YHHS also has a partially integrated program for MID/LD students; final approval for MID/LD students must be made by the NW Coordinators in the specific area
► YHHS classes are small. There are plenty of hands-on activities. Special Education staff, teachers and educational assistants are available to provide individual support as needed.

► YHHS students are able to graduate with a Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) upon successful completion of the following criteria:
a) 30 OSSD credits;
40-hour Community Involvement;
c) Ontario Literacy Test or the Ontario Secondary School Literacy course (OSSLC).
note: Many YHHS students are unable to successfully pass the Ontario Literacy Test, which most of our students write in their 3rd year of high school. The OLC4O course is scheduled, where possible, after the ENG4E course has been completed.  
►►Some YHHS may elect to work towards an Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC)  upon completion of 14 OSSD credits, including 7 compulsory subjects.


Candidates for our school should meet at least three (3) of the following 4 criteria:
√ have an IPRC designation as MID or LD
√ currently in a Special Education program, on a full-time or withdrawal basis
√ may not be IPRC’d but have an IEP and receive RESOURCE/SUPPORT
√ working at 3-5 grade levels below the Grade 8 expectations in English and Math 


Step 1: Home School SST Referrals and/or Annual IPRC Review Recommendations
Step 2: Timely receipt of Course Selection forms by March 1, 2012 deadline  
Step 3: Consultation, as needed, between YHHS & incoming students
            Guidance/ Special Education teacher/ Vice-Principal and/or Principal
Step 4: Home School responsibility for students to complete a Literacy/Numeracy Skills
 Diagnostic Assessment that must be forwarded to YHHS Guidance
Step 5: Communication of information at spring Transitions Meetings or Intake Meetings