Physical and Health Education

The vision of the Physical Education Department here at York Humber High School is to actively engage each student in purposeful and functional movement.  Students are asked to challenge themselves physically, intellectually and mentally on a daily basis in an environment that is encouraging, supportive, safe and most of all FUN! 

Multiple opportunities are provided for students to be successful.  A variety of sports, low organizational games, fitness-focused activities and health lessons are designed to allow students to experience a variety of activities and ideas in an active and dynamic environment. 

Teamwork and group skills are emphasized as well as the ability to effectively communicate with peers.  Students are encouraged to make the connection between being physically active and living a healthy and happy life.     

Healthy Active Living Courses Fitness Courses
Grade 9 PPL1O Grade 11 Fitness PAF3O
Grade 10 PPL2O Grade 12 Fitness PAF4O
Grade 11 PPL3O  
Grade 12 PPL4O